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Release Date 11/12/13

For Sue
by Jon Gordon


“In For Sue, the exceptional jazz alto player Jon Gordon has written an emotionally honest, in fact painfully open-hearted account of himself as the loving son of an all but entirely inadequate alcoholic, drug-mesmerized mother who forced him to become more her parent than child. This is a book to cherish.” ––best-selling author Peter Straub

“Surviving unimaginable hardships, Gordon writes with compassion, poignancy and a keen awareness that the strength of community and the redemptive power of music helped him not only survive but achieve great success.” ––Marian Fontana, best selling author of A Widow’s Walk

“Jon Gordon writes like he plays––with concise structure and graceful human compassion. Bravo Jon!” ––N.E.A. Jazz Master, Phil Woods

“An honest, heartbreaking remembrance of an addict and mother. In simple, unadorned prose, each chapter comprises a series of loosely themed recollections. Many highlight his mother’s popularity among friends and her universally recognized charisma. The darker material is gripping, if horrifying, and readers are sure to root for the narrator’s charming child-self. Deftly conjured, this portrait of the author’s imperfect mother is neither indictment nor defense; a fine addition to the memoir genre.” ––Kirkus Reviews

“It doesn’t seem fair. Saxophonist Jon Gordon’s talents for phrasing and rhythm have translated smoothly onto the pages of his beautifully honest memoir, For Sue. Listening to the characters in his life speak is like listening to a fine piece of jazz. As he’s proven time and time again, the man’s got a great ear.” ––Tim O’Mara, author of the Raymond Donne series

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