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Submissions Information

Chimbarazu Press is a royalty-paying company e-books (digital formats) and print books. The terms are agreed by individual contracts. 

Presently Accepting Poetry Book Format Only

No Rhymed Poetry Accepted.  

Be aware that, before submitting an entire manuscript, you must send what you think are your three best poems to    

If your work meets our requirements, we will initiate contact for a formal submission. We will inform of rejections but do not
provide critiques or feedback of any kind.

Submission Manuscript Requirements

For all submissions 

All submissions are on-line, addressed to

Times New Roman, 12 pt. font 

Word or PDF format.

* * * * to be used for scene breaks 

1" margins all around 


.03 first line paragraph indent 

Be sure and type name, email address, and other contact information on first page of your manuscript. Please include manuscript title, page count, and poetry genre. 

Shorts are published in e-book format only-under 50,000 words, unless included within an anthology, which are available in print format.

Print works are 50,000 words and above.

Please send only first three chapters of a novel, novella or complete short story if under 15,000 words. Also send a short 25-50 word blurb and a short synopsis of your story or novel. If any manuscript does not adhere to these guidelines, we will not read it, but will reject. We love working with both new and established authors.

Thank you for considering Chimbarazu Press

Chimbarazu Press for memorable literature.

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